Dr. Manohar Srikanth Photography

If you are looking for research news on drone based lighting, please look here (contains abstract of the paper and the video):

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Manohar Srikanth


Info about the article and the press-release please contact the MIT News Office.

Sample photographs from our work: Computational Rim-Illumination with Aerial Robots. Manohar Srikanth, Kavita Bala, Fredo Durand

Gallery of "Computational Rim-Illumination with Aerial Robots"

Drone Lighting Outdoor

Both Key and Drone Lighting Turned OFF.

Both Key and Drone Lighting Turned OFF.

All the Folders

Colors of Fragrance.

Colors of Fragrance.

Smoke experiment (colors are natural, not post processed)


Overpowering Sun with a Profoto D1 Air 1000ws Strobe. Shooting in mid-day Sun.